Who We Are Is What We Do

Sullivan Branding is a full-service, fully integrated brand development agency. We create campaigns anchored in consumer insights, driven by own-able strategies, and brought to life through creative ideas that separate and elevate your brand. We execute across platforms – measure performance, analyze results, and continually optimize your program to deliver against the KPIs that define success. 


It’s about becoming immersed in your business. Understanding the hopes and dreams and fears of your customers. Synthesizing that information (and lots more) into a plan that not only heralds the benefits of your products, but engages your audience in a brand they value and desire. At Sullivan Branding, account planning is the first step on your journey to deeper (more profitable) consumer connections.


What is branding? Is it a strategy? A logo or tagline? Product design? Your retail environment? An ad campaign?  It’s all of the above. If your “brand” is what the key people in your world think and feel about you, “branding” is about how and where you engage those people. Not manifest in one particular design or advertising element, successful branding is an ongoing dialogue supported by relevant, rewarding engagement.


As a term, it defines a much larger universe than ever before. It encompasses everything we do – whether it’s a consumer-facing campaign, a B2B rebranding project, or an internal culture program designed to support and educate employees. In short, advertising is the process of moving a powerful idea “off the page,” crafting it into a compelling and own-able story, and telling that story across all platforms required.

• Brand Identity • TV • Radio • Print  • OOH  • Digital   • Social  • Experiential  • Direct Response  • Guerrilla


This is the semantic football of the advertising lexicon. To us, what turns communication into content is less about the medium or delivery system and more about the creation of engaging, share-worthy experiences that are rooted in a strategic POV, delivered through on-brand execution, and measured against relevant KPIs. It’s a tall order. Ignoring it ensures much of your budget will be wasted. We won’t let that happen to you.


When a digital solution is required (it’s almost always key to any integrated campaign) our analysts, digital strategists, designers, and developers work with ad networks and site direct publishers to bring your brand – and its content – to life. They do so through precisely targeted programs that compel interaction and drive traffic. As an agency that manages millions of dollars in digital media each year, we have the ability (and expertise) to design an optimized program for your brand.


We partner with brands to not only build sites, but to create fully realized user experiences driven by web-optimized content measured against your goals. In fact, we continually monitor and analyze performance – ensuring your website is always firing on all cylinders. 


The social media space is where many of the most authentic and credible brand conversations are taking place. That’s because they’re happening with the people your customers trust most: their friends. We find your audience across the social landscape, identify the most promising platforms for engagement, develop compelling content, and partner with third-party, audience-activating influencers. The objective: Increase brand engagement, widen brand adoption, and expand brand advocacy. The goal: Build your brand and sell more stuff.  


With our technology-driven society reigniting the desire for “live” interaction, strategic brand sponsorships are a growing part of the integrated marketing mix. Relevant partnerships enable your brand to “borrow” key audience, leverage the sponsored property’s consumer influence, and benefit from implied endorsement. By amplifying with digital and social tools – to leverage your sponsorship “beyond the event” – you broaden your consumer base and deepen engagement on a mass scale. 


Whether it’s traditional or digital media, we handle planning and buying for numerous clients. Millions of dollars’ worth. Our media team is comprised of industry veterans with extensive multi-platform experience. They’ve established long-standing relationships with local and national media outlets, print publications, digital ad networks, and site direct publishers. When it comes to prime placement and expertly-negotiated rates, your brand is in good hands.


From broadcast to print, from digital to experiential, Sullivan Branding has the in-house production team to ensure the work you approve is executed flawlessly, the vendors selected (printers, film companies, etc.) are the highest quality, and the prices you pay have been expertly negotiated to deliver the greatest value.


Public relations is more than press releases and crisis management. It is an integrated part of a successful marketing mix that brings your story to life in the non-paid media world. Recognized as one of the most experienced public relations departments in the Mid-South, Sullivan Branding PR builds integrated public relations programs for some of the region’s leading brands. 

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