Suzanne Hamm

Suzanne Hamm • VP, Director of Sponsorships & Brand Strategy

30 seconds with Suzanne:

Where do you look to find inspiration?
In the details. Zooming in on and magnifying the smallest details can create monumental results. More often than not it is the little things that make the most impact. So yes, I sweat the small stuff.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
A French 75

What’s something that people might be surprised to know about you?
I once had to help Stevie Nicks find her own dressing room. Due to the enormous rollers in her hair – we’re talking the size of orange juice cans – she couldn’t look down to see the bright green tape marking the way. I took the Welsh Witch by the elbow and guided her safely to a candle and incense filled dressing room.


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  1. Hello! I wanted to know if Sullivan Branding would be interested in providing probono advertisement for our non-profit, Local Motives.

    We are a start-up non-profit in Memphis, TN. We currently have no funding. We are able to provide an 8283 form from the IRS in exchange for services donated. We are hoping to accomplish getting our name established and in the public eye. Is this something you guys can assist us with?

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